Traits and Characteristics:
The ability to think musically, hear and recognize patterns, creative.
Musical learners find it easier to learn and remember information when it is taught through song. Schoolhouse Rock is a great way for musical people to learn, especially at a young age.They enjoy "listening to a variety of recordings, engaging in rhythmic games and activities, singing, dancing, humming, rapping, playing background music, poetic rhythms, rhyming and playing various instruments" (ilt.ccs.k12)

Career Options
Music teacher.

Famous People
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Johann Sebastian Bach
Stevie Wonder
John Williams

How to use in the classroom:
Playing calm music in the classroom while the students are quietly studying is helpful for almost everyone, especially the musical learner. Classical music is said to increase memory and help retain knowledge. Teaching catchy songs to the class to help them remember important information that might otherwise be hard to learn.
Creating assignments where students can write fun songs about potentially boring subjects is a fun and interesting way for students to learn the subjects and find creative ways to be able to teach it to the class.

Spencer Danger Chamberlain